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    More Inventions & Info

    Len’s always been innovative, he was making things even as a schoolboy. His first invention, a tool for removing large light bulbs from high ceilings in a power station earned him the princely sum of £5 in the early 1950’s.

    He ran his own business, Cruddas Ironcraft , for over 35 years, until his retirement in 1992. After retirement Len at last had time to "play". Very few inventions come to commercial success.

    Two of Lens inventions, the Pondwand, and the Masquepen have both made it successfully to the market place; we sold the Pondwand very successfully for several years, but as we were so busy with our other inventions, we sold the Pondwand in its entirety to another company. However, we discovered in 2007 that they had allowed the patent to lapse, so we are now manufacturing and marketing the Pondwand again.It is available from good water gardens in the West Midlands and Hereford, and can also be bought direct from ourselves for £14.95 including postage & packing.


    Another innovation is the Rotasharp. This very simple but effective item sharpens rotary shaver blades quickly and successfully. Len thought of this when he had to replace his razor heads, and found they were very expensive. Being Len, (and a Yorkshireman) he came up with the Rotasharp. This is available on eBay, and can also be bought from us for £5.50 including postage and packing.


    Len loves drawing pictures from photographs, but finds having to draw the grids needed to make the enlargements a tedious process. He's not a patient man at the best of times! Now he' produced the Scale-Up, for the accurate enlargement of pictures. It's still based on the traditional system of grids, used by artists for many years, but it's ingenious design simplifies and speeds up the process.

    The Scale-Up comes in two parts. The first is an A4 transparent numbered and lettered plastic grid, which is placed over the picture to be enlarged . The second part is a drawing tool, which produces seven parallel lines at a time obn paper which is firmly attached to a board. When turned through 90 degrees, the tool draws seven more lines at right angles, thus creating a perfect grid, Once this is numbered and lettered, the contents of each smaller, original square can be drawn on the corresponding grid.

    The  squares on the plastic grid are 20mm, and the larger squares are 50mm, so the second drawing will be two-and-a half times the original drawing.

    Scale-Up costs £15.99 (incl.of postage),and is only available from Cruddas Innovations Ltd. We hope to sell this directly from our web site in the near future, but in the meantime payments can be made by Cheque  or Postal Orders. Please make these payable to Cruddas Innovations Ltd. Our address is: 62 Walkers Green, Marden, Hereford HR1 3EB

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    For every success there are many that didn't make it for one reason or another. Some of these are:-

    The Caretaker: - a useful tool for collecting brick & plaster when drilling

    Odago:- a very useful item for the bathroom. Removes odours, and is fitted on all our loos!

    Drink Minder: - a practical, high-sided coaster -no more spilt drinks at the computer. Seen on BBC 2 Working Lunch

    Popparol: - a jack in the box style store for toilet paper – grandchildren love it!

    Sperver:- a stainless steel tool for collecting & serving spaghetti

    Eezitrap: - wonderful tool for catching insects, spiders, butterflies, bees, etc, without injuring them. Brushes them gently into compartment, ready for release.

    Bagsafe: - a safe method to protect bags etc from opportunist car thieves

    Len was the founder of the Black Country Inventors - an inventors' self-help group he founded four years ago. Visit the Club's webpage to find out more about the club.

    We have several more inventions which Len is working on. These are still at the prototype stage, but will be added to our list of products when they are fully tested.

    Please e-mail us your views and comments.

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